Tetiana K

Tetiana is a Real Estate Associate since 2015 licensed in Residential, Commercial and Rural Real Estate. Prior to becoming a Real Estate Associate, she had an opportunity to live, study and travel throughout Europe that established her interest and taste in architecture and design, developed her passion for Real Estate. Graduated with honors with MS in psychology. Tetiana’s experiences working with people provided her with exceptional work ethics, negotiating skills and the ability to find a suitable option and valuable investment opportunity for astute clients.

Community and market knowledge, confidence and loyalty assist Tetiana in having extensive understanding of the importance to find an impeccable location with amenities that will complement her clients’ needs, investment goals and personal aspirations.

Tetiana’s distinctive passion for Real estate is evident in the role her clients play in her life. She adheres to the highest standard of professionalism and integrity with all her clients, going above and beyond their expectations.
Her level of service and expertise along with her strong negotiating skills, attention to detail, understanding of investment opportunities, this is what truly sets Tetiana apart.

“A Dream is just a Dream. A Goal is a dream with a Plan”.

Tetiana Kacherovska

Tetiana Kacherovska


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