3650 Sage Hill Drive SW

New Development in Sage Hill

Property Highlights

• New 15.6 acre development in Sage Hill consisting of 286 townhomes and condo’s with approximately 97,000+/- sq. ft. commercial development consisting of retail, office and medical leasing opportunities.
• Located in the heart of Sage Hill with excellent access from Sage Hill Drive, and Symons Valley Road.
• Abundance of surface and underground parking for all tenants and patrons.
• Within close proximity to future school sites and the Sage Hill transit hub.
• Commercial development will service approximately 75,000 + residents in the communities of Sage Hill, Evanston, Nolan Hill, Sherwood, and Kincora.

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Year Built

Spring 2020

Number of Floors


Sq Ft Available

Retail: 41,385 sq. ft. Office: 28,250 sq. ft. Medical: 27,460 sq. ft.

Op. Costs & Taxes (Estimated)