Tracey Leflar

Tracey’s career in Commercial Property Management started with property tax assessments for commercial sites and grew from there. In 2010 she was awarded her RPA designation from BOMI International. Since then she has had experience as Property Manager with complexes varying from smaller strip malls to handling over 1million sq.ft. of retail complexes with 220 tenants; from 3 million sq.ft. of industrial complexes in multiple cities and provinces; to commercial & residential split mixed use buildings; as well as, she has experience with both residential and commercial condo corporations. Her experiences in the industry spans from AR & AP to interpreting Leases, By-Laws and the Condo Act, to financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting all providing for thorough knowledge of multiple types of commercial properties along with well rounded understanding of all building operations and cycles and strong tenant & vendor relations.
Tracy Lefar

Tracy Lefar

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